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Will 18" 2018 X3 winter wheels fit on other X3s or BMWs?

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Hi all,


My brother has some winter wheels for a 2018 X3 30D (he's in Germany where it's required). He's sold that car, and is buying either an older X3 (2015 era), or a 3 or 5 series touring, from after 2013. 


Do you have any idea if these wheels will fit other models?


These are the wheels: https://www.bmw.com/en-au/offers-and-services/bmw-original-accessories/accessories-page._18-bmw-light-alloy-wheel-double-spoke-style-688.html


The site says only 2017 X3 and 2018 X4, but I'm guessing the BMW site isn't really accurate.





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