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Steering rack compatability.

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Morning Guys,


Been a little while since I have posted on this forum - I'm currently having a small "situation" on a friends e60 LCI 520d with steering problems.


Long story short, the car went in for bodywork a few months ago - when he went to collect the car, the rack failed and drained all the fluid - this is where the escapade started.

The paintshop agreed to sort it out of goodwill, but ended up going back a few times, whereby the car would be fine for a few days and then feel like there was no power steering assistance - especially when turning to the left.

Since the issue, the power steering had gone "heavy" and was never as light as it was before it went in - at times power assistance is not there, but will happen randomly and without warning.


Anyway, since they were unable to repair the issue, my friend has asked me to take a look - I recommended replacing all power steering components (pump, lines, rack.etc) with correct items as I am unable to tell what may or may not have been replaced by the bodyshop.


The parts that I ordered arrived last week, so set to work with the car yesterday - lowered the subframe and removed the existing rack.

Comparing the rack side-by-side with the one I ordered, it was evident the one I ordered had different part numbers to the one I ordered (I orderd a rack with the part number 777537 as listed on RealOEM).

I was reluctant to fit it as it was dated 2004 and appeared to have run on ATF rather than CHF11s, the part number also referenced the 530d (501 902) so didnt want to risk it.

I ended up re-fitting the existing rack and changing all other components - the result was the same, so think it definitely has something to do with the rack.


Supposedly the bodyshop had replaced the rack (it looks like a recon unit as it is painted black) and has the part number; 7853 501 233 - when looking at RealOEM, this part number isnt listed for the 2009 LCI 520d.


I have contacted the seller of the incorrect rack and order another - hopefully that will sort the issue.


I was wondering if someone could confirm that the part number 777537 is the one I should be going for - when taking a look on RealOEM shows the following data;

Are they really that critical? Could I have fitted the rack with the different part number?


Many thanks!



Exch. hydro steering gear Servotronic





32106780945 (11/02/2006 — 04/16/2007), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106775426 (02/03/2006 — 01/17/2007), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106773772 (08/01/2005 — 03/06/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106770314 (09/01/2004 — 01/17/2006), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106769302 (09/01/2004 — 12/06/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106768061(12/01/2003 — 11/04/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106766656 (09/01/2003 — 12/09/2004), Exchangeable retrospectively

32106762449 (03/03/2003 — 10/04/2005)


Part 32106777537 was found on the following vehicles:

5' E60   (12/2001 — 02/2007)

5' E60 LCI   (11/2005 — 12/2009)

5' E61   (10/2002 — 02/2007)

5' E61 LCI   (11/2005 — 05/2010)

6' E63   (06/2002 — 07/2007)

6' E63 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010)

6' E64   (09/2002 — 07/2007)

6' E64 LCI   (04/2006 — 07/2010)


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I don't think they're different but I can't be 100%.


I do know this: you can use red ATF or CHF11S. BMW initially did some systems with red ATF and some with CHF11S then standardised on the CHF11S. There isn't much in it, the CHF11S is a bit better and better at lower temperatures. The pumps and racks can use either. If you read the fine print you can even mix the two but it isn't recommended.


I replaced my rack a while back and my system used red ATF, the new rack had the green stuff in it. I flushed the system and went for red, no problem at all.


The pipes had all sorts of part numbers and buying replacement pipes with the "right" part number was impossible so I went for something I thought would fit. As it turned out it fitted and had better routing that the "right" part. So I think they mucked about with all sorts of parts, fluids and racks but fundamentally it's all interchangeable.


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