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530e particulate filter not regenerating

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Hi, Have any of you 530e owners had issues with the petrol particulate filter not regenerating?  (Signified by a drivetrain warning - warning and not error)  I've had this several times and been told by the dealership that I am doing too many battery miles and not enough petrol miles!  My daily commute is almost all battery (I live 6 miles from the office and charge up every day at the office).  I also have done several longer motorway journeys over the past 2 monthst that have been entirely petrol.

This is the third time it has been in the dealership to reset the error, and they are now saying that this isnt a warranty issue and that I may have to pay for their inspection and manual regeneration.  The first time they had the car for over 2 weeks because they couldnt get it to regenerate.

But, they cannot give me any guideance on how many petrol miles I should be doing etc.


I am getting quite frustrated by this and the dealers attitude to the problem.


Whats the point tof a plug in hybrid if you cant plug it in and use the battery often??!!


I'd appreciate any advice / comment etc.



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I read somewhere that the OPF regen in a different way than DPF. The DPF active regen by increasing the exhaust temp to burn the soot whereas the OPF regen while the engine is over-run which will introduce unburned fuel into exhause and burn there. So, if this is correct, then maybe try to run fully on the engine once per week regardless the battery status and see whether it solves the issue. My mild-hybrid car cut the engine off quite often when the engine over-run. I guess your full hybrid car will cut the engine off even more, which may indeed not help the OPF regen.

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