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Bmw x5 e53 3.0d 5 speed manual

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Hi everyone. Hope maybe somebody can give me advice.

Basically we have X5 e53 with manual tranny. Car came in with slipping clutch and also release fork was catching on the preassure plate.

Owner brought parts with him. 

New dual mass flywheel

Luk clutch kit

New realese fork and pivot

New slave cylinder

Took gearbox out. Flywheel on,clutch on. It must be SAc clutch? But came without the thing that keeps it locked. Only realising it now though:oops:.

Put everything together  and still fork catching preassure plate and clutch slipping.

All parts match the car and look same as original ones.

Can it be doing it because self adjusting plate is in wron posotion and stopping clutch from being released fully and causing slippage?

Also the car has seen some abuse and is it possible that there is some bump stop for clutch pedal is missing and allowing it to be pressed dipper than it should causing fork to catch preassure plate?

Many thanks

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