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End Tuning.

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Today I visited a lovely bloke called Enda at his home in Birmingham where he runs End Tuning.


Having recently converted my 520i Touring to a 525i I wanted to make the most of it and read his chips do just that.


It didn’t take long and he was very friendly, clearly a font of knowledge on all things Bmw ecu related. 

In short the car feels much better, and there’s a couple of reasons to why in my case.


Firstly it sorted an issue in which the revs stayed too high when changing gear - especially at speed, this was due to my donor 525 being an auto and my car being a manual, the oem chip was setup for an auto box but my new map was based off a stock manual - this has totally changed the way I can drive it, I can actually heal-toe normally now (something I do more in my other cars but nice to do if I want to in this). Was quite annoying waiting for the revs to drop all the time when driving normally.


Secondly the engine feels a bit crisper, almost as if the throttle cable has been tightened, the pedal feels more connected to the engine. I asked specifically for a tune that’s geared to 99 Ron as I only use esso supreme (0% Ethanol despite the E5 label), the original maps have a range from 91-98 as per the sticker on the petrol cap door.

Overall the car feels quicker, especially in the higher gears. I was in third but it felt like I was in 2nd a few times. Much more drivable and responsive at motorway speeds which makes the car feel a bit more modern to drive. It also idles a little lower.


I read the mpg can improve but Enda said it will be a small improvement at best, but it won’t lower it. My run back proved this to be the case, a minimal gain at a guess.


I can’t say how much the improvement is down to the auto to manual switch but it has more get up and go which is all I asked for. On paper perhaps a 10-15hp gain, but in reality it feels quite a different car.

The best £60 I have spent on it that’s for sure.


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