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Any E28 curators want to swap their "keep fit" rear windows for electric rear windows?

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There is an E28 owner in the US who is looking for a set of manual rear window regulators, link below:




Anybody have a desire to upgrade their E28 to electric rear windows?


Here is a potential opportunity to arrange a trans-Atlantic exchange / swap.


You would need to exchange the rear door looms as well but they connect at the base of the B-pillar.


The rear window isolating switch and rear window switches would be needed from the center console (cut outs are already visible from the underside).  The center console looms on my Eta's already has the switch bases wired in place (fitted for but not with) but worth checking before proceeding.


Rear door switches will also be required.


Rear door cards would also need to be modified to accept the switch and a blanking plug to cover the hole where the manual crank shaft used to be.


A fairly basic plug and play upgrade if you are so inclined.


Stay safe and best regards,




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Reduce the weight and simplify the functionality (less parts to go wrong).


Rear windows tend to be used less than fronts so the switch contacts will oxodise and result in slow or no operation due to higher resistance and greater voltage drops (losses).  There are also two switches (front & rear) in each circuit as well as the rear window circuit isolation switch.


If a manual window is a bit stiff then you try harder and it doesn't matter if you are oxidised or not.


Enjoy your weekend.


Best regards,




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I could never understand why BMW chose to electrify the front two windows if they were only going to do two of them. As one guy in the car, I could always manually wind down the drivers window, but that of course leads to buffeting so it would have been nice to wind down the rear drivers side window a bit. But hey, what do I know. I would of course kept the passengers front so you could talk to people on the pavement and get directions.


Plus it would be nice, when you have the dog on the back seat, to be able to let it have a bit of air. 

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