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Hunting OEM parts Seats

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So i went to main stealer today 


with a list of parts i haven't managed to find anywhere else, for less, final option. 


can get in the US or Germany but they dont want to ship to us, 


including this




Part 6 and 7, to allow you to raise the lever, and move seat fallward and back on both sides. the connecting rod.


Real OEM says part is still available for the comfort seat frame, but not for sports seat.


Man at BMW main stealer, told me, nope not available. But i think i could have done a better job using his computer.

parts man was seeing me approach parts desk with my list, like your not coming to me are you, im doing my tescos shop right now. 


Told me no can do on the comfort seat frame connecting rod. Ended.


So i continued hunt using breakers, but most want to sell you a really knackered seat and subframe attached for $$$ collection only. or a complete subframe $$ quid posted - i just want the connecting rod. 


mate told me i could make my own, of course, but i like to find the correct parts - the hunt and all that somewhere is one of these... i dont want to be using a coat hanger. 




i have this amazing find original pearl beige velour seat,  but its sadly missing this part so fitting it is a non starter when cant move back and fallward to fit bolts to floor.


in my frustration i sent messages out to all breakers i could find and have been recommended by other bmw breakers


Then i got a reply from this guy with a seat that looks like someone has died in it.




As it really does look like someone really has died in it, he wasnt to fussed about the seat itself. But started at 85 pounds. I said i just wanted the part from the subframe - i sent him the 6 & 7 diagram


He agreed to sell me the entire subframe for 40 + 10 posted.as its heavy


I asked again  yes it is, but just want part 6 & 7 could he remove from subframe.


so we agreed at 25 pounds and he will check if they are still there........


blimey parts hunting, its a great thing to find them in the end however. Still think BMW parts man could find one if he cared as much as me.


Meanwhile at BMW main stealer.


When it came to getting the correct brake pipes bmw parts man had no idea what i was talking about when i said, rear brake pipe to cylinder???? i guess no bmws have rear drums now - so when he got this shot up on his computer i had rammed my head beyond his covid screen - yes thats it Mick says part 2 and 4




part 2 and 4


bmw parts man says computer says you will have to bend them yourself.


I said yes ive been told that also by my real oem forum. 


!40 pounds off team bmw classic budget . jezz you dont leave the bmw main stealer feeling great.


but im told ive got 1 part coming from uk and 6 parts coming from germany, so thats exciting with a war on.


no luck with a front caliper bleed nipple. parts man told me 2 sizes - 1 if  you have discs all round, and another if you have discs and drums and both are 19 pounds. I skipped the nipple. 


bmw e28 warrior should get a main stealer discount - am working with a lot of junk however.












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Yeah i had my parts list with all part numbers ready to go with, but the printer has decided to stop working


The breaker with the beat up seat has replied to me however that he indeed has, the connecting rod and catch that i require, still in place in the subframe, willing to sell loose, to my great pleasure. Another part found, this has to be the most random of parts.






Fixing clip and rod looks good to me. No coat hanger's here.




Pleased with that, man removed it without breaking the clip as well. I cant wait to fit it.



got my pipe bender also today as mick poiinted out i would need






looks good to me man at parts says its not hard to do. doubt he could do it tho


Meanwhile waiting on parts remade my rear inner arch lip






yeah boy - how it is. its go for broke. Save an E28. So many broken up. that were most likely solid.


seat connection rod came from this. Nothing wrong with it.




yet another shark in mine.







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