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pink/red coolant on a 530i

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Hi All,

I bought myself an LCI 530i SE due to ULEZ starting next month. I am keeping my other LCI 520d as a weekend car.

Overall, I am very happy with the car and has driven around 200 miles since. It is currently on 115k miles and my Foxwell reader did not reveal any major codes.

I just have some questions with regards to:

1. Temperature - the hidden menu temp, in London  congested traffic, is up to 108 deg C before going down. Is this normal?

2. On the motorway, at 70-75mph, It is showing at 38mpg, is this what is expected? London traffic is 25mpg.

3. The water pump was changed 2000 miles ago, and I just checked it today, the coolant used is pink/red  which is surprising because I am expecting it to be green (like my 520d). I would like to top up, can I use Prestone coolant or red antifreeze from ECP?  Or should I ring the garage that changed the water pump why they put this coolant instead of the G48?

4. The car has no outstanding recall, can BMW provide details of what was done on the car when it went for a recall? There is no history of injector changed, so I just wonder.

5. Any preventative work recommendation from fellow E60 petrol owners?


Thank  you.

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It needs flushing and replacing with G48 or G11 grade m8, usual they know better or pure lazy bastards, or again they just buy a barrel of the cheapest and throw it in any car not giving a toss, it buggers the o rings up eventually. 

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1. Yeah sounds normal, runs hotter than the diesels. Mine is around 100deg in traffic

2. Normal, I had to get used to this too as I came from diesel as well.


4. I don't think injectors were a recall here in UK, but I could be wrong

5. Check that there's no lumpy cold start idle as it could point to injectors which can expensive. If there's no evidence of a gearbox service, you're probably overdue one at that mileage, mine's currently at the garage for it!

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Thank you. At least that put my mind to rest. 

How much is a gearbox service? Any recommendations close to North London?


As the previous owner changed all around the brake discs and pads, I tried to reset the rear brake pad via the hidden menu. Now it is showing as -15000mls, it would not reset at all. Does this mean I need to buy the pad sensor?


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