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Front seat belts.

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I had a 19 plate G30 540i MSport XDrive in which the front seat belts tightened slightly when first driving off. I now have 69 plate version of the same car in which the seat belts do not tighten when first driving off. My current car is a more recent version than the previous one, and one obvious difference is that the 19 plate car had iDrive 6 and the 69 plate car has iDrive 7 Lite - maybe none tightening seat belts is another?.


My car was in for its 2 year oil and micro filter change earlier this week and whilst at the dealership I queried whether the seat belts should tighten - I was told that they shouldn’t.


Would someone with a pre-LCI iDrive 7 Lite equipped car please let me know whether their seat belts tighten. And, out of interest, do the seat belts in LCI versions tighten?



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9 hours ago, sjb993 said:

Could be part of Dynamic Safety 5AL? 

Used to be a £280 option.


Not standard in UK.


Didn’t/don’t  have it on my pre-LCI (OS6) or LCI 530e and can’t see it as an option on LCI.


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It's correct, although the name differs by country it's part of the 5AL option. It adds an electric motor to the front seat belts which it uses to tighten the seat belts. This is in addition to the pyrotechnic seat belt tensioners all cars come with, which are one-time use only and fire when the airbags go off.




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