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E28 New Old Stock Front Mud Flaps

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As the title suggests,


I found a guy (Jean) in the Dominican Republic who has advertised a stash of new old stock front mud flaps on mye28.com here:




I have two sets (front and rear) on route to The Nova Scotia Eta sanctuary for the Zobelbraun Eta and the Diamantschwartz Eta.


Jean in now out of rears but still has some fronts left so if this is the unicorn you are looking for then get after them.


Jean's email is:  jeanmieses@hotmail.com


Here are some photographs Jean shared with me of his stash:




Stay safe and best regards,



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So this package arrived today from Jean in the Dominican republic:




Which contained two sets of new old stock front mud flaps:




and two sets of new old stock rear mud flaps:




Jean was very easy to deal with providing good communications and shipping parts as described.


I would recommend Jean as a reputable seller who I would do business with again without hesitation.


Thank you Jean.


FedEx shipping, now that is another story.  In this instance they managed to make Canada Post look good :shock:


That is quite a feet because Canada Post usually make everybody else look great...


Best regards,




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My first E28 didn't have mudflaps. My second E28 came pre-fitted with front and rear mudflaps and I was very happy with them. Most of my mileage was on motorways and they did a really good job in bad winter weather, cutting down the crap on the sides of the car, though I thought the rear number plate area was a bit muckier. Its difficult to tell looking looking though the rear view mirror whats actually going on when you are plowing down a motorway at 70mph. Because I was doing a lot of motorway driving (140 miles per day) I was always conscious of mpg figures, not on the obc, but worked out every time I refilled the car,  every two and half days. Where am I going with this, well, one day I managed to knock a rear flap off (reversed into a kerb). I didnt think much of it, until I checked my mpg numbers after a couple of refills and saw a slight improvement. Half an mpg. Kept checking for the rest of the month. Yes, half an mpg, so I took the other rear flap off, less crap on the back and now one mpg better off, so I took the fronts off, no real mpg improvement but seamed a bit quieter. The thing I really noticed was that it rolled (freewheeled) so much better. 


Just an observation.    

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Hi John,


I think you nailed it.


The trade off is cleaner car but lower MPG with four hoofing great air brakes bolted to the car that are perpendicular to the air flow around it.


Really disrupts the smooth, rounded aerodynamic shape of an E28 :lol:


So about a 3% reduction in MPG so not insubstantial if you are covering a lot of miles routinely.


Best regards,




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