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First clean in 3 years buffed up nice

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bit of a fail getting old gurl out with sticking rear drums and an unexpected downpipe blow and no drivers seat as yet needs some uphostry and a repair to subframe


Pin stripes have gone sadly as they were pretty beat and made budget paint work repairs complicated.


Shadow line window trim and door rubbing trim fitted, from a m535i donar as chrome was grey. and i always thought shadowline looked less decorative and more solid to the overall shape.


Original metric wheels long dumped as it didnt catch on, in favour of replica M5 16 inch BBS alloys. Dont like the fake split rim studs tho.  The hubs were chrome plastic, too much so i made them satin silver. Tyres are 225 45 16 yokohama. Which no doubt will make for a harsh ride, but its what they came with. From an e36 man. 


most common fit is the e34 15 inch bbs style i had for a time but my friend disrespected the tyres as looking like donuts. 





looks smart very retro and a little bit wronggggg. M5 spoiler now fitted tightly with some self tappers from the inside as many of the original studs were broken. And a rattle can black stain respray. 




So deutschland 60s 70s 80s autobahn Kraftwerk.



Original ride height lower than i remembered. prefer the chrome tail lights to shadowline on a non kitted e28. With chrome bumper


waiting on a larger 5cm exhaust tail pipe trim.


Rear bumper center okay but not mint. I dont have a spare grand for that. Just gonna go with the romance of patina. 




drivers seat is as factory as a lux model would have come with. what a find in pearl beige velour.




on route to a garage for mot work

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