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roggy roo

triggering elec water pump

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Need to trigger the electric water pump to either run constantly or at a timed interval while the engine is running.


Having moved my LPG setup from my 525 to a 530.

I can't get enough coolant flow through the vapouriser to keep it hot enough.

Re-plumbed it 3 times, changed the water pump (nothing wrong with it when removed).

Only thing that gets enough flow is triggering the aux water pump by putting the heater as hot as it will go.

Can I trigger it via the BMW coding tools?

Alternative is a timed relay kit.

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Where exactly is it plumbed into the coolant circuit? Is the water flow vapouriser by any chance directional? What vaporiser is it? And do you only get gas starvation when under full load or at all times? Questions questions... 

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Kme gold vapouriser.

Nothing to do with gas starvation.

Just not enough coolant flow to keep it hot, idle or slow traffic for long enough and it'll get hot.

Drive it at normal round town speeds and after 5-10 minutes it's cold and shuts down.

Plumbed it off the heater valve inlet, feed from the back of the cylinder head.

It's on plumbed on loop through rather than Tee'ing off the pipes.

I tried Tee'ing off and it was the same.

Wish I'd documented how I did it on the 525, that worked first time out.

I'm not re-plumbing it again, it's a ugly mess of joiners and jubilee clips.

I'm going to just work round it this time by triggering the pump.

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If it gets cold you do get gas starvation in the engine (I did not mean to say insufficient supply of the LPG in liquid phase from the tank) - engine shutting down due to lack of LPG in gaseous phase. If I read your response correctly that is. My guess is that you have plumbed it incorrectly. On mine, one pipe is plumbed in at the heater inlet, and the other at the outlet. All good. Good luck with the workaround. 

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