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OE head unit swap question

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Hey all. Got my first E39, a 1999 523i Touring, couple weeks ago. Absolutely loving it. This is the most modern car I’ve owned in about 15 years (have E28 and E10) so it’s a steep learning curve on audio and elecs….. cant just follow the wire any more :)


Attached is pic of my current radio and display, basic model. I want to change to the larger display (am I correct that this is called high obc???) with CD player in the dash. 

There is also a CD changer in the boot which I am getting rid of. 


Can I just exchange for larger display and separate in dash CD player? 

I’ve looked on RealOEM and it gives me a whole lot of part numbers so all advice gratefully received. 

Secondly I bought GROM BT3 Bluetooth kit and so whatever unit I install will need to work with this. As far as I can tell current radio needs the DSP converter. 




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Ok so a lot more digging and it seems not so simple. The larger display, if I’m right, is more complex and would need a high OBC retrofit, which while I would love, is probably not worth the effort. 

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Hi Ian, 


Yes, changing to the MID panel display is more complex than just swapping units around, the loom and cluster needs changing too. I'm personally going to be doing this little project in the near/short term future, just putting (having) the right parts collated for it as I have a specific requirement in mind that I need to research and develop :)


Cheers, Dennis!

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