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E39 aftermarket head unit SOLD

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Looks good when in, new brackets & GPS aerial there but its actually usefulness is rather limited!


Its one of the 1st generation ones that are basically crap. 


It did come on last time I had it connected but I took it out as it was just too much of a pain to use. I think basically the processor isn’t up to the job of keeping the thing going with any amount of apps open. About the only things that really worked by the end were the reverse camera input, aux input & maybe the DVD player, but I think that may have packed in too. The FM radio part worked if you connected a normal aerial but it didn’t work the the diversity system in our E39. 

I think it has some kind of windows operating system, that would follow with it getting slower over time & crashing!


It’s main use would be as a surround for a decent double din head unit, would take a bit of fiddling to make one fit though. 

Just cover my post & packing if you can find a use for it…

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