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E34 328i gearbox prop diff help

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Hey guys can anyone help!? 

I have a 520i e34 it was swapped for a m50b25NV befor I owned it, 


ive done a turbo build was about to get car tuned then realized I had a weak Getrag gearbox

move just purchased a 328i ZF 5 speed 

is their a diff/ prop that can be bought that will bolt straight up?


will I need a custom prop? 

any idea if my diff will currently be a small case or medium? 

I’m going to get the car on the ramp this week hopefully and pull the diff cover and measure the ring gear as I’m not sure how else to work out if it’s medium or not 


any help will be appreciated Thanks 


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The diff is a medium case 188 with a 4 bolt prop flange and E30/E28 casing with four 19mm securing bolts. It and the rear axle are different to the 525i etc so you cannot easily swap it. 

You will need a custom prop, a 520i one shortened with a 525i three bolt front 'spider'. 

The 525i prop uses a six bolt CV joint for the diff flange. 

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