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Trying to find the correct front spring - m tech or m sport?

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Hi guys, 


My front passenger spring snapped last week and I'm trying to source a pair of replacements. 


I have a 2007 E61 M sport. 


I've asked around a few places and I've been asked if I have 'm tech suspension'. Now I have the m sport model and looking at a VIN decoder it shows I have the m sport suspension. 


Is this the same as 'm tech'? 


As far as I can tell they are shorter than standard springs. 


Thanks for any help.  

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M technology is how euro car parts describe it so a lot of others probably do as well. 
what ever you do, do not go to euro car parts. 
I had some questions about there Sachs springs because they looks like knock offs. Spoke to Sachs UK and they did even know where euro car parts get them from as they are suppose to be the ones that bring them into the country. 
but even that aside, I got the m sport springs and now my car sits way to high. 
if you go on auto doc and look at m sport springs for this model you’ll notice there is a lot of choice on the size and it’s a bit of a head fuck. Give them your vin and see what they get back with. Then use that info to find the right ones from somewhere else or buy from there. 

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You need to go to the dealer as they have spring tables - sadly no longer available online. Everything counts, including the level of equipment. Using the spring table you can get the correct part number. Failing that just get a pair of you favourite brand (axle) M sport set

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