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Fallout / Iron remover question from a detailing noob

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First post outside of my native E39 subforum, hopefully I'm not dragging up age old questions and causing much eye rolling. Searched on topic but not found anything relating to my (most likely daft) question...


My car washing routine used to be just a half hour 'jetwash, shampoo, rinse' with quick spray of back to black on trim and a wheel scrub, but lockdown boredom lead to reading up on more products and techniques, and after seeing the increasingly impressive results as my wash routine evolved, I became hooked on getting that shine and my last 'wheels, prewash, rinse, shampoo, rinse, clay, rinse, dry, SRP, wax, trim gel, tyre gel, etc' routine took best part of 8 hours. 


Looking at fallout removers now, which I've not used before (and from the difference which claying made recently, my car has likely never experienced either), but - and here comes the daft question - I have one or two stone chips which have a tiny amount of rust. Not significant enough to require a respray, and I don't trust myself enough to try a proper home repair. Given that such fallout / iron remover products act on rust, is using them on such areas likely to make these chips worse or damage / weaken the paint around these chips, given that they too will receive the same chemical treatment as the fallout will be getting? Or should I work around these areas?


Thanks in advance to anyone taking time to offer advice :)



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