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Range rover

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It turns out a L322 Range rover before 2005 is really an E39/X5. It has all the rust and electrical problems the E39's and X5's do.


Just bought one and it not got a big list of problems as this car seems to be one of the better ones. 


It has the M62B44 V8 as well. Cheaper than a 540i too. A bit more thirsty though. 




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There’s a fine line between genius and insanity!

Always wanted one of these, but just can’t escape the feeling that it would bankrupt me - and my E39 is doing a pretty good job of that as it is...


Best if luck with it, they’re fantastic machines.

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The fuel bill is big. 100 litre tank and on the last tank the car has averaged 17.5 mpg. Thats good for one of these. 


Repair panels for the rust on the rear arches are £70 each. So parts are not expensive. 


Just got a towing hitch for it as a caravan is the next buy. 


The one thing i like about it is that it encourages a sedate form of driving. And it so bloody comfortable. Even more so than an e34 or e39 and these cars are pretty good. 

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Well this thread will do.


Tomorrow it goes in for new disc all round (brembo or pagid) and rear pads as there is no rear pad on the drivers side.


New front drivers tyre being fitted thursday. Mundane stuff I know but rather important. Why do folk leave this stuff? Our camper will be up for sale soon so i have just had its mechanical fault addressed before sale. I just could not sell it otherwise. Front wheels where balanced today but the 50 mph wobble is not fixed so its something else. What ever it is it will be fixed. 


Theres an l322 car that being broken at the garage i get work done. Result. As that has parts i need.


Towbar hitch arriving tomorrow so that can go on along with a replacement front indicaror/sidelight. 

Next month it gets a full service and that an everything service. The m62 engine is known to eat gearboxes in range rovers for breakfast so regular fluid and filter changes are essential. 


Also on the 19th its booked in to get the rear door shuts replaced with new panels. Its a common place for them to rust and this one is no exception. I poked the rust and did not like what i saw. There is also some rust in the spare wheel well and in the joins for that panel with the main boot floor. That will also need addressing before it gets worse.


Air suspension inactive is a common fault as this car is no exception. The problem is the specialist today could not even get his fault code reader to talk to the suspension ecu. So it could be anything from a failed ecu to almost anything. I might have to buy a fault code reader. I did buy a new air suspension ecu for it today. Fortunately the suspension works it just does not lower or raise on command. So the car can be driven normally.


The instrument cluster need the pixel for the check control repairing and the main info screen need replacing. Handily theres a breaker above that can donate. 


Oh the sound it makes. The back box has been removed i think at some point. It sounds like a spitfire. That does not get old. 

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Welding, air suspension faults, potential for gearbox woes and dead pixels... 

You weren't joking about it’s E39 DNA were you?!


Did these things get the ACE active ARB system that the Disco’s at the time got? It apparently made them incredible from a handlings perspective - certainly far better than their weight and height would suggest.

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Well they all have them duncan (faults) . Its a case getting the car with the least faults. It was cheap enough. It was also close. Mileage is fairly low too at 121683 miles although it more now.


Handling is awesome for a car this big. Its not a sport car by any means but it goes, stops and handles pretty well. It corners well but has 22" rims with 285/35 tyres to help. It does not have active ARB. The car is complicated enough as it is.


Almost all early l322 have suspension faults. At least  this fault is not to with the air bags (saggy or sitting on the bump.stops) , ride height sensors issues e.t.c. it ecu related, door switch or air compressor all of which are easy fixes. 


As for the rust its not that bad, they all go around the rear door shuts and this one at least does not rot elsewhere and the door shut rust has not spread to far (i hope). With the new metal and sealing that area should be sorted. Whack a mole everywhere else of course.


The main thing is the gearbox and engine are rude health and most of the systems are fault free. Alot of these cars have  gear box faults or engine issues. The diesel models have even more problems and that m57 engine in a 2.5 ton car is a bit slow.  The later post face lift  jaguar tdv8 diesels are not problem free like Inaccessible egr valves.... also the post face lift cars are even more complicated and they still rust.


Get one with eyes wide open. Handily wifey approves (we viewed it togther) of this car and has not batted an eyelid at the repairs. She wants my working and rot free e34 530i crushed (and she is not joking) but is O.K with an overcomplicated and very loud V8 powered monstrosity.










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Pics. The interior is good but the drivers seat needs a feed and some dye.


The worst of the rust. Fixable. Leather covered dashbaord. Not a vegan friendly car. 


The boot space is what sold it for us. Three bicycles can go in the boot for caravan holidays. 



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It turns out the abs pump is faulty even though no error codes showed up and no dash lights. Pistons could not be forced back for a change of brake pads.  After draining fluid to get the pads it was impossible to bleed. The car does not have to put into service mode to bleed like with cars with the electronic brake ( thats later models). So a new abs pump is required which needs coding to the car. That might also cure the air suspension inactive fault.


Modern cars..... 

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Now its one a ramp it quite clear the brake lines have been bodged in terms of repair. The brakes did feel a bit bit done and its clear why. Corroded brake pipes at the rear which did not come up on the mot but that was the visible part. The line above the fuel tank were not replaced and a the front lines were. Then joined with a union but the rear lines end in the union was a pin hole hence the dead feeling to the brakes.


So new brake all round. Also the near side sill is 1/3 rotten so that will be replaced next month at the same time as the door shuts. 


It needs a nee air compressor and two height sensors.


Looking underneath today the sub frames need to come off at some point and be wired brushed and powder coated on painted in hamerite. Nothing is rotten yet but this is how to stop that. 


Rocker cover gaskets are weeping oil. They need changing.


Apart from that the car appears to be in good order. 


New front near side front tyre replaced today as the old one was perishing and worn. Now there are 4 matching tyres. Budget tyres mind but it drives fine on these. The contis i would prefer are £285 each. 285/35r22 is a stupid size. 


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Work done so far.


Replacement abs pump

New brake lines throughout (50ft of it)

New rotors and pads

New front tyre

New wheel bolts for the spare wheel as the wheel bolts for the wheels are too big for the spare.

New locking wheel nuts as the old ones where too small for the wheels on the car!

New ball joints front

New cv joints front

New air suspension compressor

Two new height sensors

Tow bar fitted

Lots of clips and other stuff

Smoked rear lights replaced with normal ones

Front sidelight/indicator cluster replaced.

Air filter and fuel filter replaced


Its fault code free now because it has no faults and drive faultlessly.


Remaining faults things to do.

Drivers side heated seat not working

Dash loosing pixels

Requires full service of transmission and engine oil/spark plugs to be done after the body work.

Leather needs feeding.


19th july body shop is repainting tailgate and removing rust bubbles. New rear door shuts and rear third of the sills will be replaced. Obviously paint as well. 

Mop the whole car.


Other work over winter remove suspension sub frames, blast and powder coat. There is some other underside rust prevention work thats needed. 


Its now known as the lullaby car as my daughter keeps on falling asleep in it.  That happened twice today while the Borg's drove around looking for a new house. I think we have found it.


16.5 mpg so far on this tank of fuel.

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