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E61 LCI USB won't connect to idrive

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Good morning all.


I have just purchased a 535d LCI after having a non LCI for over 5 years.


One of the main reasons was due to it having USB audio, but I can't seem to connect to my phone.


In the centre armrest, I have the aux and USB ports but when I connect my phone to the USB, I go to the AUX external section on idrive and USB is greyed out so I can't connect?


The USB port is working as my phone charges from it and something comes up on the phone asking if I want to share photos or files etc. I did choose the midi option which was something about connecting for music.


I had a friend plug the car into Carly but they couldn't find an option to turn this on? 


I checked the options for the car using the VIN and it has S6FL USB audio interface in the spec.


If anyone can help with this I would be very grateful! 

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Add music to a jump drive and plug that in to the USB in the center console, it will play music.  If you have a Sony phone, it will play music from your phone because Sony has a player for those applications.  Samsung and other Android phones that I have tried will not work.  All the USB will do is charge your phone.  Plug into the 3.5mm and see if that works by selecting the greyed out AUX tab.  If that works, then the system is completely functional.

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Thanks for your reply.


The AUX plays perfectly but obviously you need to navigate through the phone and not the idrive. 


I want to play Spotify through the USB on the phone.


I will look into the Sony options.


Thanks once again

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