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Style 65 Wheels

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21 hours ago, slam said:



How much are a set of Style 65 wheels worth these days in average condition? (excluding tyres)






Anywhere north of c£600/£700 IIRC


Most sets, when they come up for sale, seem to be c£1k

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Depends on what your definition of average condition is - it'll differ from sellers of these wheels most likely !


I've seen sets that I'd say were in 60/70% condition - baked on dust on the rear of each wheel, flaking front finish, kerb rash and listed at £800/900. Sets in perhaps 75/85% condition for £1000-1400.  Then there's sets in really good condition for £1200 - £2000 and beyond. 


There's been a 'few' sets in each category above that have been listed for a bit less and have then actually 'sold'. Recently, pairs of rear wheels only have been listed at £500/600 in decent condition/needing a refinish and a few sets of front pairs at around  £400 or so. I'd also say the lower condition levels sets are more likely to also have buckles/bends even if minor that'd add to the cost of an excellent refurbishment. 


Perhaps 98% of all Style 65s listed will have been sets that have been used every day or often over the last 20 years or so and given that they're cast wheels, they'll have deteriorated somewhat in terms of the material/alloy - pitting of the wheel surface especially on the rear as well as under the front face finish are a sign of this and upon refinishing, those blemishes still show up/through. It's just one of those scientific aspects of metallurgy. Sets that have had much less, very little and those very rare sets that are/have been listed as unused, are still in excellent condition. I recently sold a next to brand new single front Style 65 I had knocking around in my collection for £400. Nowadays it'll be quite rare to see a set listed at £600/700, but do keep a lookout !


Cheers, Dennis!





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