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1995 e34 530i Touring tail light bulb - same bulb failure

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Left rear tail light bulb (Canadian car with DRL) always require replacement - It does work - new bulb will last for a period of time until filament is blown and error message again shown on instrument panel. I need to check the socket etc but a blown filament would indicate a voltage spike - the ETM shows the LH bulb comes thru the LCM from Left park light relay - this relay also connects to the front lamp thru the LCM and the front lamp is ok.

signs of a LCM error ? 


Any thing to check?


Thank you

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Try a different make light bulb, perhaps even an OEM one.


It's lost in the mists of time/mists of my mind but I seem to recall some E34 LCM's are sensitive to the resistance on some aftermarket light bulbs.


Edit to add; if it's blowing it might be because its drawing too much current so check the earth from the bulb/light unit for corrosion as this will increase resistance and hence draw more current.

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