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Air Con Help

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I have a Honda Civic as a beater car for commuting and the aircon has stopped working. I've used a regas kit to top up the gas but the Compressor doesn't kick in.

I removed the relay and jumped the connections, the compressor clutch engages, the fan starts, and the aircon actually works. It's not super cold but way better than nothing. 


I've just ordered a new relay as they are absolute peanuts, scanned the car for codes but nothing came up. The relay is a solid block filled with epoxy or whatever they use and whilst the resistance is about right, I don't know if the switch part works. 

I replaced the clutch last year. The pressure switch appears to be working via live data. I assume the system needs to evacuated before I could replace that


Anything I'm missing?  Any other suggestions for me to check? 

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