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e34 530i Touring - minor surface rust repair (battery well)

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We have a 1995 530i Touring as as luck would have it very little rust as it is low mileage (95K) and wasn't driven much if at all in winter (Canada) 

Short story - battery died, removed seat etc and we found PO had fitted a new battery but hadn't bolted it in nor installed the battery vent - the surface rust in the battery location is from battery vent gases possibly or moisture from the gromit in the floor - who knows


I have no real paint or body work experience (other than making things straight) - what I do have is mechanical and fabrication experience 


While this is minor stuff what would be the way forward to clean this up? brush the surface and primer? some form of rust converter or encapsulate then primer etc.. What products would be suggested? Like I said I have no experience with this type of work.


If not here what forum(s) would be suggested to ask questions.



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