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Scuffed bumper: repair or replace?

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Hi there,


Starting out with this new project - an ‘03 Sapphire Black 530i I picked up as part of an estate sale. The previous owner knocked it about a bit, and it’s been left standing for almost a year. So there’s lots to go at. 

The front bumper has some fairly nasty scrapes on both sides. And it looks as though a knock to the passenger side has dislodged it from the rest of the body. 

One option is to track down a decent replacement bumper and swap it out. But that feels like it might be a lot of effort, both finding a match and fitting it without breaking anything else. 

Has anyone had experience fixing something similar without replacing the entire bumper? I reckon I could remove the trim and sand/paint that separately, but not sure how to deal with the other damage (and reattaching that wobbly bit on the passenger side). 


Would love to hear thoughts or ideas. 





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I suppose it depends on your long-term plans for the car...

Are you happy to stick with it as it stands and keep it as an SE?

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A secondhand SE bumper isn’t going to be expensive - I think folk struggle to give them away to be honest.

It’s a reasonably popular colour too, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to find one...


Having said that, the scuff on the passenger side wing looks likes it’s going to need sprayed to put it right, so you may as well get the whole lot done at once - shouldn’t be too much, certainly less than £300 I’d have thought (although that’s around 1/4 the value of my car...  :lol:)


Have you checked the jacking points and sill ends to make sure the car is a viable project before you go any further?

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