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Continental Radio install .. wiring

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Projects are slow on our e34 530iT due to recent surgery limiting physical ability but I am gathering parts - replacing the current radio with a Continental TRD7412. Radio and ISO harness are on order. Because our car is a North American model, the Touring has 10 speakers and Amplifier (though I haven't located the Amp yet).

Looking for wiring clarification - I have read and possibly incorrectly understand that with aftermarket head units you DO NOT want to connect the -ve speaker output of the head unit? I am referring to comments on "other" sites stating that BMW doesn't use (-) terminals for speakers - cap the (-) and only connect (+)

I'm confused as the ETM shows +\- connections from the head unit to the AMP. 

With the Continental - just connect (+) and cap the  (-)? 


Thank you

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Just to update if anyone is interested..


Installed the radio with the (+) connected and with the radio HU (-) capped. All works as expected. From what I'm led to believe this is a way of limiting the aftermarket HU output (speaker level output) to a lower level so that not to overpower the line input of the factory AMP. I have been looking for 1995 e34 530iT AMP information (specification) but unable to find anything.


My install is easy to "change" if I need to correct as it's all done via the harness adapter that I put together.


The factory installed radio (that was removed) is a Pioneer KE-91ZBM which I found the specs for comparison.

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