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Ottomobile E28 M5 1:18 scale model for sale

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These were a limited edition (2000 units) release in 2016. It’s a lovely and very detailed resin model model of a LHD shadowline M5. Mine has lived in a cupboard and only been out of the box a handful of times as I couldn’t  risk my children getting hold of it! As a result it’s in perfect as new condition, including the box.


The polystyrene packaging appears to have been ‘modified’ by the manufacturers to accommodate the rear bumper and exhaust, and there is a few edges on it missing as per the pic. The only imperfection on the model is that the ‘glass’ of the offside door mirror has been stuck on ever so slightly (about 1mm) squiffy. It arrived like this and I’m sure it could be warmed up and carefully removed and reattached if desired. It’s not easy to see but thought I should point it out.


Currently there appears to be only one of these on eBay, in France, at over £250 plus postage. I will post mine out for £175 or happy for it to be collected from Maidstone for £165.


If it doesn’t sell on here I’m going to pop it on eBay and see what happens. Thanks.











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They are gorgeous models - i too bought one but like you it sat in the box - i sometimes regret selling it but you can only have so many!

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