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E61 LCI diagnosis help

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Hi everyone.


New here but currently have a 2006 535d msport saloon and looking to buy the E61 touring version for that little bit of extra room.


I have found an LCI for sale which I want to go and view but the owner has mentioned an issue that it has.

I wanted to just make sure it wasn't anything that will cost the earth to resolve before spending my time going to view as its not nearby.


The problem happens when the car is being driven on the motorway and not just around town and in traffic.

The DSC and brake fluid warning lights come up on the dashboard and also on the check control messages on the idrive it shows drive control system drive moderately. 


Apparently it drives perfectly fine with no issues and gear changes are fine even when the faults are on the dashboard.


When the engine is turned off and on again the faults go away.


He took it to be diagnosed and was told the fault code was gear selector fault.

He says it just needs a new gear selector which are £60 on eBay.


Does anyone have any thoughts on this please before I go and view with the intention of buying?


Thank you in advance.



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If it's so simple and a £60 part, why hasn't he fixed it? 


Phone a BMW specialist, get their take on it, and how much it would cost to sort it and barter from there. 

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I've heard those lines so many times when someone tries to get rid of something so bad "it's very simple" etc.

As Deviant said, get him to fix it first and then consider buying it. Otherwise stay away!

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Thank you both for your comments.


To be honest the car is ridiculously cheap so maybe he's trying to shift it on with an issue which is worse than he's making out. He did seem quite genuine though. 


I'll speak with some specialists tomorrow and see what they say.


Thanks again.

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Yes, on the face of it, any well organised person selling a car would fix all the 'simple' issues on their car/fit parts they already had before offering it for sale. 

But I want to put in a good word for all the numpties out there - honest and dishonest. 

If like me, you want to enjoy the last hurrah of internal combustion motoring then think about surrendering yourself to the moment. I think they call it 'mindfulness' these days. 

Sometimes a seller doesn't have the knowledge or tenacity to work out what's wrong with the car they're selling. 

I've purchased all my cars from eBay, and collected them in station carparks or similar. You may see a pattern:


Volvo 850 T5 estate (solicitor, totally honest car, he was gutted, his wife was scowling in the people carrier)

Audi A6 2.7 Bi-Turbo avant (west-country drug dealer, wasn't aware the car has cruise control etc)

BMW 545i touring (where do I start, lots of bizarre minor faults, but - touch wood- nothing seriously wrong with the running gear)


I've loved all of them. There was some maintenance. Some of which I had to pay a professional to deal with.  

I know this might be upsetting to proper enthusiasts and the mechanically literate, but if you get a 'bargain'  E60/E61 then feel free to roll the dice, as long as you don't pay more than walk-away money for it. This is a thing. Just read the listing carefully and sceptically and ask the questions on the phone.


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