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640d Swirl Flaps

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Hello folks - trust you're all grand! 


I've had a snoop about the forum and I've been reading up about the swirl flaps (god, feels like we can never get away from them, been talking about them since the e39 / first X5 days from early 2000s :lol:)... Anyway, I can see there seems to be a bit of a split opinion when it comes to the modern Beemers, some keeping them/some ditching... So ultimately, I've got (55) 2015 640d GC with 28k miles, and basically - what's the experience folks?


- Who's removed them, what kit did you use, and what's been the benefit?


- What's the benefit of keeping them in and what's the maintenance, or how to keep on top of it (seen a lot of 640d's online)?



Grateful for the guidance as always heroes! B)


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