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INPA can’t read airbag fault - light on dash (e39)

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I’ve got an intermittent airbag light on my dash, which has become more permanent as time has gone on.


when I scan using INPA, I often get ‘ERROR_ECU_REJECTED’  EDIABAS errors.


I can’t seem to read the error memory or clear any faults.


at least if I could get it to point to a specific component I might be able to fix it, or at least code it out.


I’ve had a new airbag unit for the steering wheel a few years back, and even the passenger seat sensor was replaced a fair while back.


For a good few years, the light flickers on/off, sometimes staying off for weeks/months, then it’ll be back again for ages.


also, when I try NCSexpert I can’t seem to load it, something about wrong version?


I have the cableshack setup, is there anything else I can use to try and read the errors?


p.s. not sure if this goes in this section, or in the ‘coding’ section.


please help!

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You're trying to diagnose so I would say this section is the right one!


Usually when I've had the Error_ECU_Rejected message, it's because the incorrect version of DATEN is being used for the year/model. I don't know your setup and there are so many different setups and versions out there, but you should also check the version of MRS you have against what is being selected in INPA first. Seems like INPA is being told to address an MRS that doesn't match what you have.

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From the BMW part number that INPA shows, you should have an MRS4. In this case you should check that when you select your vehicle, you are selecting the correct version of MRS from the list (I don't have my rig to hand right now so I can't check what it available). Depending on the version of INPA you are running, the options may be different. Basically, INPA seems to be trying to read an ECU that isn't in your car, you need to select the corresponding ECU.


Incidentally I'm on MRS2, she works much better than MRS1. 

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I’ve heard the unit is behind the storage tray under the rear vents? I might have a peek later to see if I can see the type.


don’t seem to have option to select a different ecu, it just comes up as “airbag” under the ‘body’ section.


im gonna try sticking the disc back in the laptop later because I feel like I’ve got an old version, or something not quite loaded right.


any idea what the fuse number is? I’ve read the fuse sometimes pops, although tbh as the light seems intermittent (it went out for all of 60 seconds at one point yesterday without me touching anything) I think it’s still a sensor/connection somewhere... just got to find where!

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