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Porsche Satin Gunmetal 19s

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@MrHooky That looks really nice indeed wheels and car! I have the same colour and also an F11 but I had my wheel in an Anthracite which I am really pleased with. I have wondered about updated my chrome grill to black and have to say I like the look of it on yours and I see you have also got black side repeater surrounds. 

Can I ask where you got both of these (Grills and Side repeater surrounds), also anymore photos from the front?



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Thanks @percha  

Have been slowly tinkering making it OEM+. The grille is a genuine BMW item. Not the cheapest (think about £70 per grille) but worth paying the extra for genuine in my opinion. 

The chrome wing details I had popped out and sprayed gloss back when the car was in for detailing. I also had the chrome inserts in the door handles wrapped (not worth removing to spray as they break easily apparently). 

I then had it debadged rear and wings (I personally think the side badges look an afterthought). 

The front and rear lights then have a very subtle tint too. Takes the edge off the chrome within the front lights in particular. 

Some photos from then it was detailed last year pre wheels being done...






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