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Central bass cabling

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Here's a fun one.... for whatever reason my ex-police F11 had the LH central bass speaker and rear ventilation ducting removed. The ducting I have replaced, and the speaker.

Now, any normal person if not fitting a given component would just move the unconnected cabling to one side, maybe tape it to the harness bundle or something..... but no, some muppet decided to cut off the plug for the speaker and tape the cable ends.


Now finding the correct cable is proving near impossible on RealOEM so I'm falling back to the plethora of knowledge on here for assistance.


Does anyone know the correct cable part number for the LH central bass speaker ? - found under the front left seat - brown cables with coloured traces

Or if anyone knows a decent breaker currently stripping a suitable F10/11 who's willing to cut off the plug and 4in or so of cable, do please let me know.


Thanks in hope.

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