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BMW E60 535d LCI fault code diagnostics meaning AND COSTS ?

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Hello all ,

Hope all is well and COVID free . The 2009 535d E60 is now lacking power and grunt low down . I also noticed that the car is a little sluggish to turn over at start with the glow plug light on for a couple of seconds especially when it is cold . This had never happened before no matter how cold it was but i took the car to my neighbour as he used to be a mechanic and his machine showed the following codes . I believe that other owners of 535d and other cars have had these faults so may shed some light on reasons , costs and labor charges before i sit down with the loans manager !


1)   480A           PRESENT                 DDE DPF SYSTEM

2)    4252           PRESENT                  DDE GLOW PLUG , CYLINDER 5 , ACTIVATION


4)   4212           PRESENT                  DDE : GLOW PLUG CYLINDER 1 , ACTIVATION





8) E1C4                     PRESENT                      RAD/CIC / CHAMP: K-CAN LINE FAULT

9)       FAULT                    1                                 PARK DISTANCE CONTROL

10)     DTC CODE            DTC STATUS            DTC CONTENT

11)    9E35                     NOT PRESENT         PDC : WIRE , ULTRASONIC SENSOR , REAR CENTRE LEFT

12)    FAULT                   1                                SZM SWITCHING CENTRE , CENTRE CONSOLE

13)    DTC CODE           DTC STATUS            DTC CONTENT

14)    E244                     NOT PRESENT        SZM : K-CAN LINE FAULT 


1) i had the DPF warning illuminate just once a few months back but i have driven on the high way and it has not reappeared 

No. 8 ) and No. 14 )  may explain why i still get ' high battery discharge ' warning after sitting in the car listening to radio for 5 minutes . It may also explain why i used to get interference listening to DAB radio fitted by BMW and was disconnected . I still get a poor signal on the FM radio .

No idea what the other codes mean though .


Thank you , for any help or light that can be shed on these codes ( car has only done 75000 miles )


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A BMW technician has told me that glow-plugs do fail , as does the control unit . The vacuum hoses become brittle with age and engine temperature . 

The battery is around 4.5 years hold and is in poor health . There were so many faults stored on the ECU that DPF would not regenerate and the exhaust backpressure sensor is defective too 

I have got a price for the parts after a 10% discount from Sytner for £ 600.00 , and the technician will charge around £400 labor . No idea how ling this all takes but i contacted BMW about the swirl issue and they have said that it will be very expensive in terms of labor / time required to check the car ( built August 2008 but registered 6 Mar 2009 )

This includes a new 90Ah battery , like for like and to be registered with IBS .

6 glow plugs and the controller .

The dreaded swirl flaps will be removed and blanked off , parts from Ebay .

Fitting of vacuum hoses that have perished .

Replace the backpressure sensor .


I have scoured the web but with little success iro OEM parts that are cheaper but wondered if other BMW franchises offer a better discount ?


Anyone out there that can help or advise please ?

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Good morning Biotoxic ,


Thank you for replying . The codes were deleted and the car drives better now but neighbor has said that some of the codes will pop up again . I am now trying to figure out whether Harry Fairbairn is cheaper than the Cotswold Group . I wondered how long does the serpentine belt lasts as it hasn't been changed in 9 years .


Had the Astra jab , the wife and i both ill with mini Covid like symptoms so time spent searching for OEM parts as not sure of entrusting car to local fitters that will use cheaper , less reliable parts but charge full whack prices for OEM quality parts !

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