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2001 E39 M5 sells at auction for £32,600

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The country is flooded with cheap money so I'm not surprised prices are where they are.

Only a few years ago some on here were saying 10k was top money.....that doesn't buy a scrapper now

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It doesn't help me, as I am currently looking for one! haha


It does seem like the lower mileage examples (Sub 70k) are running away price wise. I was quite surprised that one made the money it did! 


I saw a completely standard silver example with black leather and approx. 72k sell back in Feb, via one of the Facebook groups, advertised for £21.5k, it was a very late 2003/53 reg too.


I do wonder if the market will cool a little later this year....?

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Looking at the pictures of that most recent one :


- The wheels look too silver.

- There are pixels out on the dash.

- Gear knob decal is delaminating and leather is not in great nick.

- Seat leather looks very 'baggy', I've seen better on 200,000 mile cars.

- Front wheel arch liners are fastened with bare metal screws, they should be black.

- Rear door shadow line trim is corroded.

- Windscreen rubber trim is split.

- Corrosion on base of drivers door mirror.

- Bonnet release handle and drivers side catch quite badly corroded.

- M logo on engine cover chipped.

- Nav monitor screen scratched, probably had the anti reflective coating removed.

- Drivers internal grab handle leather marked.

- Drivers flor mat quite worn.

- Underside pretty filthy with many suspension components corroded, probably original and will need replacing soon if not now.

- Fuel return pipe quite corroded.

- Wallet key missing.

- MOT advisory for oil leak and some sign of a leak on the undertray, has it been fixed?

- MOT advisory on break pads, replaced?


That's just a few observations from some pictures.  Cars are always worse in the flesh.  Obviously some of these are very easily fixed, but for over £34k the thing should be perfect!

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I agree, should be utterly perfect for £34k.


Did I see evidence of a not very good repair on the FOS passenger door.....some rippling? 


The front seats give the impression the car's been used as a taxi! :lol: Even the front passenger seat is baggy.


The gear lever is such a central and tactile feature you'd think the previous owner would have invested £140 in a new one.


Would seem potential buyers accept that sort of condition even at 'big ticket' prices.


Meanwhile....at the other end of the market....a 300,000+ mile E39 M5 for £7500. Possibly the crappiest M5 in the UK (and located in High Wycombe - widely acknowledged as the centre of the universe for shite M5s!)




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Silly money but, you might see mine on there soon.  London ULEZ in October means it will cost £12.50 a day to just take it off the drive.  Mine's, not perfect, but much nicer!  It's a rare 2002, 2 owner "individual" with an impressive spec, 107,000 miles (all bar 30,000 driven by me during my 15 year ownership). 


I might even throw the mutt in for the right price!:D







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It's the only UK car with individual light coloured leather with black piping and comfort seats.  Add to that seat backs that are not black and factory specified headrest monitors etc.  it's a pretty unique car.

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Yes, it was the only RHD Black Sapphire car made.  In a picture it's not immediately obvious it's Black Sapphire though, it could easily be Carbon Black or Schwartz 2, but the interior is a dead giveaway. 


Whatever, it's bloody nice!  :)

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A beauty just sold on ebay a couple of days ago for 11k. It was Cat S but had a full resto and looked really nice.

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