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Matthew Ashton

Alpina Display - A bit of fun

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Not having seen the car for a month (locked up tight in the garage), I decided to have a little play. I sourced the latest data files for ESYS as my car was updated by BMW in October last year so I needed ESYS to have access to data files that included the iLevel my car was updated to. 


So I've coded the car so that it displays the tyre temperatures in addition to the tyre pressures and I changed the instrument panel to use the Alpina font and colour scheme.


HU_NBT(2), 3001, "RDC_DRUCK_TEMP", change from "DRUCK" to "druck_und_temperatur"

KOMBI, 3000, "ALPINA_ENABLE", change from "nicht_aktiv" to "aktiv"












Not sure they'll stay like that but I'll decide after driving the car during the short trip planned for Good Friday.

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Looks great Matthew!


I've used BimmerCode in the past but feel it is rather limiting.  I've downloaded ESYS and will start experimenting with it soon.

Is there perhaps a library somewhere to view all these coding options?

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I'm not a big fan of Alpina display due to the blue background. My eye has received enough blue light everyday so don't want another very blue one. I coded my iDrive7 dash to the M version which is fully dark background and find it quite good. Only disappointment is that the rev counter goes all the way to 8000 rpm but the diesel can only rev to 4500 rpm.

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