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Electric seats conversion

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I got a pair of M-individual seats from E32 that said to be able to fit into E34 directly. The problem is these seats are not electric powering. But my E34 has powered seats.


Could anyone help to suggest how to modify these seats to be powered, please? 


Thank you in advance


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Take off the back of the seat. Using the exposed levers at the bottom remove the backside which slides off upwards when the levers are released. Then you're left with the seat in two pieces.


Take the trims off the seat bottom and remove the leather from the seat bottom by bending the retaining clips.


Do the same with the powered seats and put the bottom back together with the new leather.


As to the backrest if the e34/e32 are 100% identical you can transfer just the headrest motor. For this you need to release the leather at the back to get to the fixing of the headrest motor. Its a pain in the backside, but it can be done.



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