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Wheel Refurb

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Can anybody recommend someone who can refurb my softlines to original spec please?

(full treatment, dipped etc)


I last got a set done years and years ago through a firm called Montys in Iver but I cant remember where they sent them.


Thanks in advance

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Just around the corner from me! Monty's wheels & tyres I've used and known him for ages now, he's still operating having come out of a couple business premises, by being a mobile business now - still see him in the van zipping around sometimes!


The refurb process will be the same any reputable specialist doing the job properly, the 'specific' aspect will be getting the OEM code /Paint name for the finish. If you absolutely must have the original, do speak to these guys who may be able to find, or ideally already have the information 




Once you have that, I think they're able to supply but maybe direct to a wheel refurbishment specialist rather than retail. 


If none of the above proves fruitful, drop me a line as I have a good contact who may have more information and I can ask him - partly due to him recently refurbishing his Alpine C01's and me possibly likely refinishing my C01's !


I have a good few excellent refurbishment specialists around here and a bit futher afield, whereabouts are you located?


Cheers, Dennis!

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Hi Dennis


I am near Heathrow too.


I have seen some very inconsistent work and I would just like to get them done right first time.  

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