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SOS call system failure

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Hello guys,
Trying to solve an issue and looking on whole google, no information about this. Before creating this topic i searched on forum by different key words and nothing found on it.

So, owning and F07 for several time and now, few days ago received an error regarding SOS call system failure. Its not a big deal, no difference in driving, no problems with multimedia. But still annoying to see it all time on dash. Read a lot of stuff and found that its based on TCB module that should be located somewhere in rear of the car. Also read that its posible to be a problem with low battery because this module has separate kind of battery.

Anyone of you received this kind of error and solved it without dealership? Maybe it also could be managed easily by coding? this module is too expensive to change it all together.


Thanks and nice to meet you here!


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I had this when i replaced my MULF & TCU with a combox as i wanted T audio. It can be disabled using E-Sys. Im away for a week but can let you know what codes to add/remove if someone else doesn't. 

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Thanks for your support guys.

@deano16v no, all is stock, nothing modified in car..

@Wozza345 thanks. waiting for your reply then you have time, im not in hurry because not a big problem with it.. Also thinking about changing battery. But if its posible to code with no damage to other functions, will be great.
@Oilburner i saw that video but its for e60 and it has CCC multimedia. On mine its CIC, i think where are some differences between coding.

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