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Rust under hood air grille - repair kits?

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Hello, recently purchased my first E28 - a 1984 528i.  Its is good condition - so far I've being slowly working on mechanics to get her reliable.


I've found rust under the right side hood grille/vent (51131874518). It's visible under the hood if you peel away the insulation (51481904314). From under the hood, the sheet metal looks like a seperate piece welded to the hood itself. My question is: any chance an aftermarket repair kit exists for this, or a part number? RealOEM doesn't show anything so I'm not hopeful.


Thanks in advance.

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These are integrated with the bonnet. Good body shop should shape a one for you and weld in. Or clean loose rust and treat it with good rust converter then apply a coat or two of epoxy primer. 

These are covered anyway by mentioned insulation and a seal on the edge.

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Hi Garry,


The bonnet still looks to be available from the main stealers.


I replaced the bonnet on the Zobelbraun Eta back in 2017, rather than pay lots cash for lots of man hours to fix a rusted bonnet which already had some poor previous repair work.



No. Description Supp. Qty  From   Up To  Part Number Price   Notes
01 Hood   1     41611955456 $478.98  


Most of the under bonnet rubbers, seals and insulation also look like they are still available if you choose to go down this route.


Stay safe and best regards,





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I'll see what the local dealers want for a new hood - not expecting much less than $1000 here in Australia. I'll get some quotes on a repair too - rest of the bonnet is in good shape. I've got all the foam and rubbers new and ready to go - once I decide which way to go.

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