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If your estate BMW 5 Series (known as a Touring or the F11 or the GT F07) has its backside on the ground one morning or you have an error message on your dash relating to a ride fault or an air suspension fault, have a look through these threads to give you an idea on what the issue is and how to resolve it.


This is a collection of just some of the threads to be found on here, not all are one here simply due to the fact, they were never resolved or closed out so there is nothing to be learned from them.


This is purely a reference thread to other posts on here and is not to be used as a discussion thread.


Failure symptoms




above thread was closed out in last post of this next thread




DIY guide to replacing the rear sir springs.



DIY Guide to replace the solenoid valve



System Behaviour



Normal behaviour





Compressor removal (access needed to NewTIS)



Compressor Faults








Ride Height Queries


F11 Rear suspension height


F07 Ride height query



F11 ride height to high




One side failure







Bump Stop issues


Disintegrating rear bump stops




Valve block



Air spring fault



Lowering of an F11



Standard or MSport Air spring differences



Tech chat on tools needed for air line.






If you want another thread adding to this, please message me and I'll reference it in here.

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