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E39 speaker cable from driver’s footwell to door connection

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I’m trying to run a speaker cable from the driver’s footwell to the door boot. I’m using a stiff wire from outside in but can’t for the life of me work out where it should be appearing in the footwell. Any ideas?


Many thanks!

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Glad you got it sorted! I had my installer do my speaker cable runs whilst doing the rest of the install in my Touring and recall seeing him fiddle/jiggle for a good while .... as I was drinking some tea and having some biscuits whilst/with talking with his business partner! 


Part of the reason it was a little more jiggly/fiddly is that I have two cables through the OEM door boot! 


Have you got a audio build thread of your setup on here ? if not, please create one :)


Cheers, Dennis!

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Thanks Dennis, I must admit I’ve cheated with my door wiring, I need two cables per door as I’m unable to mount the crossovers in the door but I figured I have the standard wiring from the HU to the door. The crossovers are going in the glovebox so I’m utilising the original full range cable for the tweeters cut in the door and in the adaptor harness behind the HU. Only one cut in the original loom so easily returned to standard. I suspect it’ll sound fine for my needs. Now I’ve figured one side I’ll take some pics and put a project thread together.

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