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Key no longer locks/starts car. EWS fault?

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Hey folks, I've not been on here in a long time, after moving from an E39 to an F06, however I've now returned with the purchase of an E34 a few months ago!


I've got a 1996 518i, which is generally a bit tatty but does the job for me, and recently the oil service became due. I've never actually worked on a car before so having a small(ish) engine in a large engine bay is perfect for messing about with without getting frustrated with lack of access. Anyway I dropped the oil out the car, promptly realised I had the wrong filter for the job, and so had to postpone the work. After tidying up my in flight oil change, I noticed my key (which I believe is original, certainly it is very worn) would not lock the drivers door. The central locking however did kick in when I locked from the passenger door. I thought it odd, and started looking into replacing the door actuator.


Since then I've completed the oil change, and while my key does unlock the car from the driver's door, it will not start the engine, and still will not lock. I don't hear the fuel pump prime when I turn the key to II, and I get nothing at all when turning to III. I have seen that EWS 2(which given the shape of my key, and age of my car I believe I have) can cause off failures, but the fact I can lock the car seems odd to me. I have 4 keys in total, my main key, which has the little torch on it, two BMW plastic fob keys, and a valet key. All of these keys exhibit the same behaviour.


Given the above symptoms, am I right to focus on EWS potentially being at fault? I have attempted to jump the car to no affect. I've not checked all the fuses yet, and power to various relays (that's this weekends job), but as a bit of a beginner, I was hoping if people might recognise my symptoms and be able to point me in the right direction.


To try garner some goodwill, here is a photo of my trusty E34, and it's stablemate, my manual M2 Comp. Needless to say there is a bit of a performance gap between these two bimmers :mrgreen:


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Finally had some time to poke about some more this weekend. All the relays and fuses seem to be going ok, and I can see the starter getting volts on the trigger wire when the key is turned, so hopefully I've just got a dead starter, and the door lock issue is just a coincidence!

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Clearly the only solution to this problem is to transplant the M2 engine and running gear into the E34! 

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