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Picking up my G30 530e M Sport this week, first ever BMW and first petrol car in a LONG time lol. No brainer as my company car (my company), the company car tax is less than my existing Mazda 6. The only option I wanted that I can't get is the adaptive cruise, but that's pretty rare by all accounts. Car is decent spec though, Bluestone, Comfort Pack, M-Sport Plus pack, Tech Pack (I think). I say I think as the car has Head-up Display, Wifi Hotspot, wireless charging, but not sure it has the display key... (not that I'm overly bothered). I don't have many plans for mods, possibly black grills and a sub if the HK doesn't have enough base :). 


I would have liked the new facelift but prices won't be coming down for at least 12-18 months to somewhere sensible and this is less than £27k, 19 plate with 14k miles. 


Here's a pic of her:







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