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Car lit up like an xmas tree......easy fix.

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Today my car lit up like an xmas tree, reduced power, pedestrian impact system not working, no power steering, no abs, no dsc, reduced power, warning about changing gear without having to press brake pedal etc. etc. 


Turns up, Fuse 2 in the glove box, second from bottom on left on UK cars (fuse map upside down btw) and 5 amp, is connected to lost of things, in my case comfort access as well as the main DME. 

When it gets really damp the comfort access can short and blow the fuse, making the throw all these codes. 


Don't panic. have a spare mini 5 amp fuse ready. 


It seems 100s of people have had this issue but I had never heard of it. Oh, and it also means communicating via OBD is tricky as won't connect to certain modules of course. 



But posting it here for future reference if anyone has the same issue. 

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Hi. Happened to.my car today. My wife went food shoping and all was good. Came back to the car,started it and it came up with different faults. No power steering,pedastrian safety and speedometer not showing nothing. Car has no comfort access,but has lights in the door handles. Will check fuse in a bit.

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