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1976 E12 Windshield instalation

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Having troubles instaling rear windshield. I tried allkind of methods .The one that works best is placing the rubber seal on the car first and then puting windshield in but it seem that it kinda dousn't fit where it supposed to. Top and both sides where the rubber trim should be going are almost shut and it seem that there would be no way to insert the trim. What is the right way it should be put in. Im going to have to put in front windshield also but currently im stuck with the rear one.

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Some useful experience's in this mye28.com thread including E28's, E23's and E30's.  Covers both options of rubber in frame first and rubber on glass first.  Interesting comment about lower lock strip in rubber on frame before inserting the glass:




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Yes i have read it. And also i have heard that somewhere else alsto that as far as i understand. Rubber first then bottom lock strip and then glass and ther other lock strips. Could someone please confirm? Cus i wonder how could it make it work apart from making the window inserting more difficult. Thank you for help !

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The way they were done was to put cord into the inner lip seal and cross over for a short section at the bottom. Someone inside pulls the cord which allows the seal to fold over the lip. Another person pushing on the glass from the outside.

The trim is inserted after with a tool that the trim fits through, pulling the tool expands the rubber allowing  the trim to seat. It expands the rubber to form the seal.


The front screen large trim is inserted first then the screen is fitted, followed by the smaller trim.

Fit the bottom of the screen first, especially the front as the large trim fitted makes it a little harder.

It can be achieved other ways but this is how it was done when all cars had rubber surrounds. It is also what was in the BMW manual.


I have this set, I have made tools before, but this has all you need.

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So spending almost a week on the rear windshield, the front one i installed in a day. Here how i did it and what i learned.

1. Fit the rubber on the windshield first. (for my front windshield it was little bit lose but don't worry about it)

2. Fit the big chrome strip thats inserted in the bottom ( other wise it will be huge pain in the butt or almost imposible to fit after winshield is installed)

3. Fit the a string. The Bigger the better, because u will have to pull prity hard, and the bigger the string or rope u use the better, because it less likely to brake or damage the rubber, and soak it in soap. You will have to start from the middle of bottom and finish on top middle( i used a wire, a sythethic string, both broke and dmg the rubber litle bit. after that i used id say 5mm string  that did the trick)

4.I used windshield suction cups to put in place, i instaled windshield alone ,u need to put presure on the windshield while u pull on the string, so either have 2 persons on the job. I was alone so i used 2 ratchet straps which hooked to suction cups. Worked perfect.

5. After that just careffuly pull the string and add pressure . Because when u reach the top it gets harder . When i did it i just added more pressure with the ratcher straps.
6.There no magic trick for corners, its tedious ,hard  ...for me using as mutch swear words i knew helped....
7.After  windshield is in, rubber outside might look like its not in it place like i wondered ,in the pictures above. But also dont worry as u instal the lock strip it will fit in its place.

8. Now for lockstrip, i did not find a way to instal it without a tool so u might need one, Here is the link for the tool i used. 

9. Good luck! and heres some pictures ..

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