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Captain Beaky

E28 M535i carpet

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Removed from a M535i E28 5 series, used  and showing some wear, there are some water stains or over spray on the rear passenger section but no holes or tears, the heel pad is good and very little wear but some overspray on the bottom edge. £50














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What happened Cap? I thought you said you were going to have a beige one spare for sale.

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Hey Taffy, Happy New Year


That's still the plan at some point buddy, this carpet is a spare one I found and forgot was there as a spare for the spare :lol:, I'm just hoping the best one is still okay because its wrapped up in a triumph stag in a barn :(, the bloody mice got into one of the sprints and took a fancy to the back seat and they love a bit of cable insulation!!


We are selling up the holiday let by the looks of things and also sorting out the storage side of things because I going to build a new garage and there is too much stuff and too many cars to juggle. Also I've started looking for a Mini for my son,  starting to feel old he's 17 next month. 

Might move the E39-535i on soon as its not really been used since last march also going to sell one of the Dolly Sprints for sure and maybe the Humber Hawk.


How are things with you, I am starting to run out of things to do in lockup  

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Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Cap,


Sounds as if you're having a big rationalisation effort, I had a Triumph Stag years ago, red blighter that worked when it wanted to - PCL246J. Sold it in pieces after heads warping for the second time.


I'm sorry that you're having to sell the holiday let, we would have liked to rent it from you at some time. Reason we didn't is beacause being fellow members it could be mis-construed as wanting a favour.


I've just found some slap in the propshaft in the 535i and am researching my options for repair or replacement, after that is going to be the brake booster re-build and I'm dicing with the idea of changing the head, the valve gear is noisy and I've got the one I bought from Duncan sitting on the shelf doing nothing. 


Apart from that she's all back together but I did have to change the timing chain tensioner. I will be taking her over to my mot garage to take some pics of the prop shaft and take some measurements. 

I sold the 740i last year, just sitting there getting older and older, so off it went!


Nice to catch up with you and kind regards to you and your family,



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Diolch dyn ifanc


We are at the point where the cottage has accrued good value and it was always an asset, it was always destined to be a choice between move there or sell, most people i know would give their Left arm to live there the views are truly spectacular all the way down the coast to Tenby and across the water  to Cornwall. Unfortunately Mari does not want to live there but would move somewhere else ?? 


I have some work to complete on my M535i, I have a clonk on the front but I think I will just replace everything on mass with regards the suspension arms and stuff


Also doing the same for the E30 turbo front and rear bushes plus i have to move the brake servo over and fit a smaller Clio unit, adjust the exhaust to try and accommodate the ARB 


Other than that I'm trying to squeeze in a garage build lol! which leads me on to the E39 535i sitting there doing nothing :wacko: decisions decisions 


Stay Safe



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