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I've been checking out the forum for a week or so now, ahead of collecting my new 2019 520i G31 yesterday.


Owning my first BMW completes the full sweep of major German car manufacturers whose cars I've owned/own, and fulfils a lifetime motoring ambition.


Having also owned a Porsche for the last 15 years (currently, a 997 C2S), I'm very aware of the value of owners forums such as this one.


I'm posting an unusual first photo as, after collecting the car yesterday morning from Barons Hindhead, I was out for the obligatory 'short drive to fill up with petrol' when I was rear-ended! Fortunately the damage to my car doesn't seem to be as great as I feared (testimony to how robust these cars are, perhaps?), but I don't have to tell anyone about how gutted I am at having to go through the hassle of an insurance claim (especially, as I'm presently covered under the complimentary 7-day BMW insurance scheme promoted by the dealer).


Hopefully, my second post will be more upbeat and accompanied by some more conventional photos!




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Thats awful bad luck,hope the new year and new car start to look up soon for you Paul.

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