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Would be New BMW owner

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Hello Peeps , learned members, ladies and gentleman,

its not a speech. just to say hello to all of you. read a few threads before jumping to join. 

enjoyed the humor and helpful nature of contributions. 

planning to get a 2019 G31 520D with M sport plus and Comfort pack. 

I like the look of the Pre LCI than new ones which are more dearer. 

its done less than 6K miles and is an AUC. 

Advice on anything to look for specifically before I sign on the ….. dotted line. 

Managed to convince wife , her response was "you deserve it ". I was glad to hear that. 

Test drove a couple of them. We all love it , small family 2 girls 11 and 14. 

530 D and X drive options were more expensive. 

happy to post pictures once taken delivery. 


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On 09/01/2021 at 15:47, Robster75 said:

Here are some pics







Lovely looking touring; great colour too 8) 


FYI if you go into your camera settings; you can turn off the 'watermark' that shows you what mobile you use etc... ;) 

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