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Jim Gee

E39 M52TU emissions and ULEZ

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I have driven a much cared for E39 528i (with M52TU engine not the M52 one) for many years. The car with the M52 engine doesn’t meet London ULEZ standard for Nox emissions (0.08 g per km) because it emits 0.095 g per km). The M52TU engine which I have, is supposed to have substantially cut Nox emissions from the old M52 one, with its double vanos system BUT I can’t find anything online with confirms this or what the M52TU emissions are. Does anyone know where I can find out please? Thank you.

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I'm sure I've seen these figures somewhere, but having too many senior moments over Christmas to recall where.

The only spec. I did find is for the '96 520i which is 215g/km, not a lot of use to you though.

If I do find others I'll post.

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