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A little hello,

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Hi guys, I’ve been a member here for a little while now, originally finding it whilst researching a potential new car.


(I bought it) :D

e39 540i/6 Touring - somewhat of a holy grail car


yes, it was previously owned by Barry on here, but I actually bought it from its interim owner.


it needs a bit of work to sort some issues I’ve found, but feel it’s worth it to preserve this beast.


I'm already spending on it (like I normally do with new cars), sorting the little trim bits out etc to make me happy with it.


the saloon in the background is an old friend. My dad owned it from new, putting 200+k on the clock, and I’ve got it all the way to 285. it’s been a really good car, I know every little bit of it, but it’s time to move it on... needs similar welding work as the touring, but I’ve been after a touring, specifically a 540 manual for a long time, growing family, road trips, camping etc, this just came up and the time was right.


im going to spend a little time swapping a few bits over, then get the old saloon over to my mates to renew the mot, and it’ll be time to say goodbye. :(

anyway, bit of a brief history....


cut my teeth with fords, joined the world of forums many years ago,


I’ve had (and some I still have):


1998 Mk4 fiesta - 2.0 Duratec - Still own, sat on my dads drive looking sorry for itself now!

1983 Mk1 Fiesta Bravo - 1700 Xflow

1989 E30 320i - m20b25 swap

1962 Mk1 Pre-Airfow Cortina Super - 1500 Pre-Xflow

1972 Mk1 Escort - long term project, not touched it in years.

1983 Mk1 Sierra 1.6L - Drift car project, the “JellySlider” - check it out on my mates YouTube page (MikeFPE).

















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Nice collection of projects you,ve got Adam,Cortina looks just right,lovely.

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