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Pete west mids

What's a set of E39 19" alpinas worth these days

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As in the title, they've come on a car I've purchased and not sure whether to refurb and keep them or shift them on as they are. Painted black in the centres and keys for the center caps need sourcing.

The caps are removed for now.

If keeping I would be refurbing them all and sort the locks out.

Staggered and with alpina stamps and part numbers.

Theres a set of 5 on ebay for strong money but otherwise I havent seen a set of these come up for a long time.

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Forget eBay prices, most of the plonkers on there seem to think anything with Alpina stamped on it has a higher value than Gold!


e39 19's in very good or refurbished condition with caps & locks should be worth £1k to £1.5k and obviously a little more with tyres based on condition & make/brand. A new set of locks from Alpina will be approx. £130 to £150...



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As above from Cableguy !


However, if your set is missing the keys and centre caps painted black, then they'll not be worth as much as 99.8% of potential buyers will want them in OEM colour & with keys. The set of 5 you mention and other similar sets (with tyres) are overpriced and thus, will take a lot longer to sell along with the fact a brand new set of 4 are £2993


In amongst the various wheel sets I buy/sell, then over the last few years, only a few 'E39' fitment 19's have come up and sold (eventually) at that £1k to £1500'ish level. The higher asking price sets hang around for ages and unsold. 


Lastly, what are the offsets for your set ?


Cheers, Dennis!

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Thanks guys makes sense I guess as to why those on eBay have been for sale for so long. I noticed they sold but were relisted as well so they're obviously struggling to shift them.

Et24 and et30 on these.

I think I'll hang onto them for now whilst deciding what to do long term.

Getting hard to find unless spending 3k on a new set as you mentioned.

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